We are a medieval group that appears as English archers of the first half of the fifteenth century, at a time when english archers in the Hundred Years' War suffocated superior armies of the French enemy  in a hail of arrows. An example, for one of these cases is the battle of Azincourt around 1415, in which Henry V was able to defeat almost the entire French knighthood with the remainder of his army, which was greatly decimated by an infection.

It was the period when the English army changed from an army of feudal obligations to an army of contracted and paid service under central control.  During this time the red cross of St. George on the outer clothing was prescribed as an identifcation emblem.



AusrüstungOur current group strength is in the closed performance at 40 people and consists of German and English participants. Our aim is to be very detailed in this depiction, both in the soldier's as well as in the civilian appearance - be it with the prevailing bows from italian yews at that time, or with the other equipment against the background of weapons technology, such as armor, brigantines, Swords, falchions or the polearms.

We look forward to welcome you to our markets that are listed in the event-calendar, to give you a variety of impressions from that time.  We will be happy to answer any questions regarding our presentation, the Middle Ages in general and bow handling in particular.